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Tours & more for Partners

Do you wish to provide unique tours and experiences for your guests?

Amsterdam, in Holland or something wow!!... for a special occasion?

Create your own unique guest experience with us

Below some example Amsterdam tours

Partner Services: Tours

Amsterdam Walking Tour

€ per group/ person (adult/child)
upon request

A personalized tour through Amterdam

Amsterdam Bike Tour

€ per group/ person (adult/child)
upon request

Explore Amsterdam tailored for guests

Museum Tour

€ per group/ person (adult/child)
upon request

Customized for your guests

Tours Beyond Amsterdam

Our tours cover a range of experiences geared toward different types of travelers. So if your guests want to see something other than Amsterdam, no matter which tour they choose, I guarantee they’ll get a unique experience and view of Holland. Get in touch and hear how these or other tours can bring new experiences for your guests.

Below some example Holland tours 

Windmill Wonders


 € per group/ person (adult/child)

     upon request

Dutch tradition with a twist, windmills experienced differently for your guests

Flowers Tour


 € per group/ person (adult/child)

     upon request

Let your guests see a rainbow of colours, with fragrant smells with a unique tour

Countryside Cycle Tour


 € per group/ person (adult/child)

     upon request

Create a unique experience for your guest, whilst traveling like the Dutch do

Partner Services: Tours

Something Special

Looking to offer your guests a wow!!... experience that makes their time with you unforgettable?

Let us come up with something special. 

So whether it's a wedding proposal, Birthday or a special occasion, we will think of a unique experience.

                                                                                 Below some examples                                                                                          

Balloon Trip Somewhere Unique

Inside of Hot Air Balloon

Price upon request

Reach for the clouds

Sail away!

Sail Boat

Price upon request

Show Holland with a unique boating trip

Gourmet dining & more

Gourmet Dish

Price upon request

For that special occasion just for you

Partner Services: Tours
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